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Night Life

Marrakech Nightlife

Fallen in love with night aesthetics and serenity? The nightlife associated with Marrakech Concierge offers magical party vibes. The nights embellished with the sky full of stars with a clear atmosphere and the city life in the medina pouring its lights into the dark atmosphere creates the perfect vibe to go out in.

The best thing about the nightlife in Marrakech is its two contrasting nightlife options. With its two faces- cultural and luxury-it is an extravagant city with everything covered for any tourist. Our partnered night-life places include both lifestyles to provide something for everyone.

Heading out in Marrakesh’s medina

The medina is the focus of all traditional excursions in the local area. This is always a good crowd of people, going here and there. The dim lights and narrow streets showcase a perfect antique vibe to explore their regional activities.

The partnered venues of Marrakech Concierge also cover the other regions of Marrakech that are well-developed and modern. These offer a wide range of luxury night clubs in Marrakech. The excursions are night dining, live music shows, DJs, some of the very best dance performances, acrobat shows, and candlelit dinners.

Best nightclubs in Marrakech


This is the number one nightclub in Marrakech, which was previously an auditorium. Theatro is considered the most appealing and lively club with its unlimited charms and activities. Its architecture is unique, providing a lively and amusing atmosphere.

It has a central huge stage, where you can have a long list of the most popular activities to enjoy a magical night. It is famous for its acrobat and fire shows with continuously running dance shows. It arranges live music in its live shows by international singers and local ones often. There is something captivating about the DJs creating a more than perfect environment.

Its cocktails and serving options are a feast in this vibrant atmosphere. The drinks, appetizers, and meals meet the fantastic Theatro`s vibe perfectly.

555 Famous Club

This is the hottest place in modern town in the city to spend the night at. It is one of the most lively clubs in Marrakech with its exceptional interior. This partnered club is known for the themed parties regularly taking place in the club.

The international music shows, DJs and live performances make it famous for the 555 aspects of amusement. Moreover, it has been the focus of some international celebrities when they are in Marrakech. It treats its visitors in a celebrity or private lounge with different options to choose from the best drinks and themes.

Secret Room

Secret Room is better to say a ladies` party lounge by Marrakech Concierge. It gets crowded with the majority of female visitors.

Secret Room located in the Hivernage district offers the cleanest and most colorful atmosphere for its visitors to enjoy. It is known for its friendly and light vibe with all the glamour of the club. The club excursions become a great delight with its excellent music shows and serving options.


Babouchka is a luxury nightclub near the city life of Marrakech. It is one of the best nightclubs that provides night partying options till late. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a friend’s night out, this club is perfect for any night.

With its famous music and DJs, it is a vibrant club enhanced by the elegance of its architecture. You will get most of the shows presenting warm and lively vibes. It is the best for you if you are an opulence lover.

Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo Marrakech is the perfect place to start both day and night parties. This associated club serves as a fantastic restaurant during the day and transforms itself into a dreamy club at night. It is the ultimate dual-service provider in Marrakech.

It guarantees a spectacular night in the heart of Marrakech-the dreamy location. With its separate areas for dancing, drinking, or sitting places to enjoy the background it has something for more than a perfect night at the Marrakech. Sheshas and Cigars are not prohibited.

W Club

W Club is located at the Menara mall with one of the most highly recommended reviews from its visitors. The large dance floors, energetic background music, and wide bars offer a bottle of your favorite variety of drink options. Its premium look is something that excites tourists to have a memorable night.

Marrakech concierge  is your ultimate choice.

Marrakech concierge is committed to rejoicing you with its all frenzy and glamorous nightclub options. This imperial city has all the leisure options to make the most of your night stays. Get ready to treat yourself to its night delights with our range of amazing nightclub options.