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Do I need a visa to visit Morocco?
Most travelers from the UK, USA, Canada do not need a visa to enter Morocco. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from your Marrakech departure date. Upon receiving your stamp at immigration, your tourist visa in Morocco will be valid for up to 3 months.

How long is the flight from UK to Marrakech?
Non-stop flights from London to Marrakech can get you to the Red City in 3.5 hours. The most common airline carriers with routes are Ryanair, EasyJet, and British Airways. Layover flights stop in Tangier or Casablanca and in total, can take up to 5 hours from London.

What is the difference between UK and Morocco?
Morocco and the UK both operate on GMT +1.

What temperatures can I expect when visiting Marrakech?
Morocco has all four seasons and temperatures vary depending on the region. It is possible to go skiing and to the beach in the same day. Marrakech stays warm to hot during most of the year. From June to August, temperatures can reach the high 40’s. The spring and autumn tend to be the most pleasant times to visit Marrakech. Temperatures fall between the high 20’s to mid 30’s. Winter months can rise into the high 20’s and cool down to 8 degrees.

Is Morocco safe to visit?
The North African country is considered a safe country to visit and has reached up to 12 million tourists in recent years. According to the 2019 TravelRisk Map, it ranks as a low risk country.

What religion is practiced in Morocco?
Morocco is predominately a Muslim country however it embraces all faiths and allows each sector to practice freely. Morocco has a long history of Jews and many Christians live in Morocco. Moroccans practice a “soft” form of Islam.

Do I need vaccinations, or are there significant health concerns?
A visit to Morocco does not require any specific vaccinations or check ups. All the imperial cities have modern and up to date hospital facilities. Marrakech has pharmacies spread throughout the city. They are indicated by dark green cross signs.


What is the best way to communicate with family/friends during my trip?
We recommend you download Wassup or Skype to your mobile device prior to arriving in Morocco. Both applications allow you to make free international calls and send free text messages. Please make sure the person you want to contact will also download the application.

Where can I buy a simcard?
You can purchase a simcard at any kiosk street vendor or Maroc Telecom or Orange store. Cell phone data and local calls must be purchased separately. We recommend adding 50 MAD (4.3 GBP) for Internet and 30 MAD (2.6 GBP) for calls. Please make sure your phone is unlocked.

Do cafes have wifi access?
Yes, most cafes will offer free wifi if you ask.


Where can I withdraw money in Marrakech?
We recommend you withdraw money at the airport upon arrival. This will be the cheapest and most efficient way to convert your money. ATMS are also found throughout the Medina, in French Town Gueliz, and inside the shopping malls. We have found the Revolut or TransferWise cards to offer the best exchange rates and have the lowest fees.

Does Morocco accept credit cards?
Yes, most riads, restaurants, and shops will accept credit cards however Morocco is a cash-based society. We recommend you keep 50-100 GBP cash on hand.

What is the tipping culture in Morocco?
Tipping in Morocco is not required however is highly encouraged. The average Moroccan monthly salary can be as little as 500-700 pounds a month and shared among family members. Tips are greatly appreciated and if you experienced good service, we advise a 10% tip.


What is a Riad?
A riad is a traditional Moroccan house with 4-10 bedrooms. Most date back to the 18th or 18th centuries and offer a boutique hotel ambiance. They are usually located in the medina.

What accommodations can you arrange?
We have partnerships with top 5-star luxury villas in Marrakech. They are fully staffed, have spacious rooms & suites, outdoor pools, and are located in secluded oasis hideaways. We can also arrange for your stay in a luxury hotel property.

Are there spas or exercise facilities on the property grounds?
In many cases, the villas have a dedicated fitness area and an onsite traditional hammam. We can also organize fitness classes to be held at the villa. If you are interested in experiencing a spa day, we are happy to arrange this.


Do you recommend visiting Morocco during Ramadan?
Ramadan is the most important holiday of the year. During the month (it changes yearly based upon the moon cycle) Muslims are required to fast from sunrise to sundown. Although many shops close early, it is a relaxing and peaceful time to visit. Most of our partner beach clubs, restaurants, and nightclubs operate with their regular schedule during Ramadan.

How do I pack for Marrakech?
Marrakech is a modern and open city so you will see people dressed in western as well as traditional Moroccan attire. The most important thing to note is that Morocco is a conservative and traditional country. We advise dressing modestly in public places. Your private villa, the beach clubs, and other nightlife venues are the perfect opportunities to dress up and bring your fashion best.

What languages are spoken in Marrakech?
You will predominately hear French and Arabic, however most hotels and tourism sites have staff that speak English.

Do you recommend renting a car?
For the safest and most relaxing visit, we recommend hiring a private driver for an effortless and stress free experience. Our drivers are highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of local life. Please visit our Car Services to learn about our high-end vehicles.


What is the Moroccan cuisine?
Moroccan cuisine is known for it’s traditional tagine dishes, slow roasted lamb, salads, and wide varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits. Marrakech also has many international restaurants, cafés, and fusion menus.

Can I drink water?
We do not recommend drinking tap water. Although most water is treated, we advise drinking bottled water.

Can I smoke or drink alcohol in Morocco?
Most kiosks sell cigarettes and smoking is allowed in restaurants with outdoor terraces. Hotels, riads, and villas also serve wine. Morocco has it’s own wine vineyards and is a great country to sample local wines. The Kingdom also imports beer and has wide selection of French wines.

About Marrakech Concierge

What does a luxury concierge do?
Think of a luxury concierge as your one stop for planning any luxury events, travel and amenities. We want you to have everything sorted from your landing right through when you leave. Our goal is to make everything straightforward, convenient, and stress free for you.

Who are Marrakech Concierge Services For?
We design trips for couples, families, and large groups. If you are looking to plan your hen or stag event we can help you organize a memorable celebration. If you want to escape the city for a weekend and party, we will hook you up with the hottest events in Marrakech and get you VIP access to the best tables. We aim to give you the experience of a lifetime.

What kinds of services do you offer?
We specialize in providing VIP experiences in Morocco’s nightlife and luxury lifestyle services. From the airport on, we aim to make you feel first class all the way. Our fast track services help you skip airport queues. Our drivers are professional, knowledable and can escort you to all your parties and events. During the day you can lounge poolside in your 5-star villa or at one of our partner beach clubs. Evenings are the perfect time to experience Marrakech’s top live entertainment and gastronomy. We can also organize day trips to the Agafay Desert, hikes in the Atlas Mountains, golf & spa days, and wellness retreats.

What kind of wellness retreats do you offer?
We organize yoga, fitness, well-being and hiking retreats. The retreats can be tailor made for your group and will be hosted in a luxury private villa located on a secluded oasis. Local and international teachers run our wellness programs. Sunrise & sunset yoga, morning walks, Atlas Mountain hikes, HIIT training, aqua aerobics and boxing are on the list of possible activities. Meals are healthy vegetarian and prepared daily.